Heateco heat exchanger with valve control

OÜ Roheline Mõte has developed two different complex heat exchangers C30 + controller and C30 + sensor. Model C30 + controller is a model that allows you to make maximum use of the residual energy of domestic hot water and read different information about the operation of the heat exchanger on the controller screen. The sensor of the C30 + model is controlled by a level sensor, which opens and closes the valve according to the filling of the heat exchanger with domestic wastewater.

The heat exchanger C30 + controller consists of: The heat exchanger C30 + level sensor consists  of:

Heat exchanger Heateco C30H108 or C30H160   Heat exchanger Heateco C30H108 or C30H160

Compressed air valve or                                           Compressed air valve or 

electrically operated valve                                        electrically operated valve                                                                                                                             

Controller with OLED interface                                Compressor or electric drive

Water meter with pulse counter (10 l / imp)          Electrical and air connections

Compressor or electric drive                                    Level sensor

Electrical and air connections

Level sensor