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Problems with processor supplies

Apparently everyone has heard about the problems in international trade. It has not left us untouched either, problems with processor deliveries may affect order fulfillment, but we will certainly find a solution.


New products

Osaühing Roheline Mõte is launching new models of wastewater heat exchangers. For better energy savings, a compressed air valve has been added to the heat exchangers, which is controlled by a controller or level sensor developed by our cooperation partner Energiatehnika OÜ. The difference between the two methods is that by controlling the valve with the controller, the greatest possible energy savings can be achieved, and in addition, the controller shows the inlet and outlet water temperatures, the heat output from the heat exchanger in kW and the energy in kWh. With the level sensor, the valve opens and closes according to whether the heat exchanger is full of water or not.