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HeatEco A60

Heat exchanger HeatEco 60, having the highest saving capacity amongst our products today, is able to save up to 60% of hot water from the first minute spent under the shower. 

HeatEco 60 can be installed under the shower bath, regular bathtub, under the ceiling, on the wall or in the floor.

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HeatEco 30

HeatEco 30 suits best in locations, where the water consumption is higher than in small households i.e. swimming pools, sport facilities, barracs, hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Many showers may be set to use the same HeatEco B30 heat exchanger unit at the same time. It is possible to use this model also in laundromats, where several washing mashines may be set to use this heat excanger. HeatEco B30 is fully maintenance-free.

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HeatEco C30V108

HeatEco C30V108 is designed for vertical sewer pipes of big apartment houses. It will be installed in the basement of the building and all the waste water from the house can be lead through it. In a house with several entrance halls a heat exchanger should be installed in all vertical sewer pipes in order to maximize the saving of energy. The heat exchangers will then be connected with each other so that the cold water coming into the house will first flow through all the exchangers and after that the preheated cold water will be heated up for domestic use. 

HeatEco C30V108 is fully maintenance-free.

HeatEco C30V108 brochure download

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