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Stop pouring your money down the drain!

Have you ever thought, whilst taking a shower, that this nice warm water coming out the shower looses just a few degrees from it's original temperature before it flows down the drain?

Have you ever given a thought, how much energy it took to warm up the cold water to a temperature acceptable for you under the shower and how much of this energy gets totally waisted whilst warm water flows down the sewer system?

Has the thought of how much energy could be saved, if the energy from the warm water pouring into the drain could be reused over and over again to preheat cold water, ever crossed your mind?

If these thougts are familiar for you,

then you have arrived just on the right website - Green Idea Ltd. offers you innovative products, that enable to reuse the thermal energy of used washing water, which usually flows down the sewerage totally unused.

If these thoughts have never crossed your mind

then now is the latest time for it, as the energy gets more expensive day by day and the waste of energy (and your own money) gets more and more important.

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